Encourage Christians to hear the Word of the Lord

How To Change A Church by John Dennison

41:19 minutes (9.92 MB)

He That is Spiritual by John Dennison

33:20 minutes (8.03 MB)

The Death & Ressurection of Christ by Tan Chee Wei

54:28 minutes (49.86 MB)

The Sinlessness of Christ by Tan Chee Wei

48:16 minutes (44.19 MB)

The Humanity of Christ by Tan Chee Wei

48:25 minutes (44.32 MB)

The Holy Trinity by Tan Chee Wei

25:39 minutes (23.48 MB)

Philip the Evengalist by Jonathan Daramalinggam

43:57 minutes (40.24 MB)

John Mark - Restoration by Jonathan Daramalinggam

39:30 minutes (36.17 MB)

Mary - Worship by Jonathan Daramalinggam

44:10 minutes (40.43 MB)

Mary - Personal Devotion by Jonathan Daramalinggam

39:39 minutes (36.31 MB)
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