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53rd Malacca Bible Camp 2011

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Lecture 1 - Tan Chee Wei

The Last Words of Jesus by John Dennison

38:38 minutes (9.34 MB)

The Garden and The Cross by Andrew Usher

14:32 minutes (3.49 MB)

False Teaching by Michael Penfold

42:14 minutes (10.18 MB)

The Cross of Christ (Gospel Message) by Andrew Usher

30:52 minutes (7.47 MB)

For God So Loved... (Gospel Message) by Frank Sona

25:27 minutes (6.11 MB)

Defining A Book That is Lived by Frank Sona

38:31 minutes (9.33 MB)

What Makes Life Worth Living by Andrew Usher

45:53 minutes (7.88 MB)

The Wisdom of This World vs Th by Michael Penfold

46:11 minutes (7.93 MB)

Restoration of A Soul by Andrew Usher

43:54 minutes (10.59 MB)
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